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Accelerate Pre-Launch Video #3

How To Delegate & Outsource “Busywork”

In this new video from Eben Pagan, he explains how to delegate and outsource work – so you can get back your time to grow your business (just opt-in to watch it): How To Delegate, Outsource & Hire

Inside, you’ learn:

> How to delegate the “busywork” that you are doing in your business – in order to free up that time to do the much higher value-producing activities that earn you the most profit

> Which activities to delegate first, and how to know when you’re doing something that is the highest possible value (and when you’re not)

> The only 2 things you should be doing with your time in order to grow your business the fastest and earn the most profit (and only ONE of them has to do with “working” inside your business)

> How to write an ad that attracts a super star – rather than someone average or below average

> The personality traits and qualities to look for when hiring someone, to make sure that they will be the kind of person who gets things DONE

…and much, much more.

This video actually gives you the ad that Eben has used to hire his last assistants – and it’s jam-packed with useful nuggets of gold for you to use and model.

Go watch it here (again, just opt-in to see it now):

If you’re ready to grow your business to the next level, this video is a must.


37 websites analyzed (torn apart, actually!)

I emailed you a few weeks ago, asking you to send me your website – so I could make a new video critiquing the ones that were submitted.

It’s done, and it’s going to surprise you. Why?

Well, not only was this one of the most FUN videos that I’ve ever made, it was also one of the most powerful.

And I’ll confess something: I went a little further than to just “critique” – it was more like “tearing them apart”… lol.

You’ll also learn three questions that you MUST answer within the first three seconds that someone visits your website, along with the two most powerful marketing sentences that I’ve ever seen (these are unbelievable).

So a little warning before you watch: Put on your “thick skin” and get ready to go fast!

Go here to watch me analyze 37 different websites that were submitted to me:

VIDEO: Eben Analyzes 37 Websites

::: Are You Good At Spotting Mistakes? :::

If you are good at spotting changed details, intentional mistakes, & hidden inconsistencies, then you’re going to really have fun with this video.

Inside, I’ve HIDDEN a mistake. It’s something that anyone can find, if you use these as your clues:

1) This email

2) The page with the video on it

3) The video itself

The first person to spot the intentional mistake, and who emails me at the address that I tell you inside the video wins…

::: A Brand New MacBook Pro :::

…with the extra-fancy Retina Display.

And this is open to everyone – you just have to be the first to email me with the correct answer.

Here’s the link again:

VIDEO: Eben Analyzes 37 Websites

Make sure you click “like” and leave me a comment after you watch – and sign up for the live webinar I’m doing later this month, where I’m going to teach some of the keys to getting more customers and growing your business


Check it out!


Dave Dee

It doesn’t take a mind-reader to know that if you’re open to discovering how a radically different approach to marketing can make your business infinitely more fun, and increase income exponentially with less stress and struggle — then this FREE training can totally change your income, your status, and your day-to-day experience virtually overnight.

Don’t miss out. Save the date, sign up now, and make sure to join us on Thursday February 27th for 5 hours of incredible, power-packed “ready-to-go” strategies that you can start to put in play that day!

Dan Kennedy

This is a one-time only event with Q and A.  There will be no-replay so block out this time right now if you’re serious about making 2014 your breakout year.

Click Here To Get FREE Access…


Just got done swapping emails with Dave Dee over
at GKIC… he’s been putting the final touches on
his LIVE “Info-Marketing Academy” presentation
taking place TOMORROW, Tuesday October 15th from
5PM to 9PM Eastern.

[DO NOT MISS!] Free Training - ANSWERS!

If you haven’t yet signed up, I’d suggest you do
so right away as the initial rush was a bit more
than anyone expected!

Click Link Below to Register NOW!

During this Free Training Dave’s going to reveal to
you a TON of practical tools and strategies you can
use to build your own info-marketing business…
regardless of size, from a side-line operation
where you’re hoping for a couple hundred to maybe
a thousand dollars a month all the way to visions
of a full blown info-biz-empire!

Of course, there’s been a few questions sent in
Dave’s direction about the training, so I thought
I’d take a minute to share his answers:

Q: Four Hours! You’re KILLING me?! Why so long?

A: I hear you… this is definitely NOT one of those
“3 bullet points and cloud of dust!” quickie
trainings you see all the time. My “Info-Marketing
Academy” training you’ll see tomorrow is based on a
full 3-day workshop I seriously did several times
here in Atlanta to packed houses. People traveled
across the country and paid up to 2 grand to attend.

To shoe-horn this down into a mere 4 hours I’ve had
to cut out all the workshop stuff, copy reviews,
hotseats, etc. that was there – but the CORE content
is the same, along with some timely updates based
on new data I’ve recently discovered.

The only way to condense this down any further is
for me to slug down double-shot espressos and
attempt to break the world SPEED TALKING record!

A more realistic pace is called for. I need to come
up for air once in a while!

Real content. Real strategies. Stuff that if you
apply it will make you REAL MONEY. And you’re
getting it absolutely as fast as I can share it.

Q: I’m definitely interested, but c’mon… there’s
got to be a catch. What’s really up here? I don’t
have time for a four hour pitch.

A: No catch – This isn’t a 240 minute sales presentation.
It’s real training that has significant value… so much
so that we’re going to record it for productization
in the future.

I’m going to reveal the actual workings of building and
running a successful information marketing business.
It’s not a tease packed with WHAT-not-HOW. This is
the actual stuff I’ve done and GKIC does to generate
new leads, new product, new profits.

It absolutely will give you a true appreciation of what’s
involved here to you can make an informed decision whether
this business is right for you. You’ll be ready to roll
with what you’ve learned during the training. And if
you’re interested, yes, we do have even more tools
to help you along the way – but the Info-Marketing
Academy training absolutely stands alone as powerful
information you should have if Info-Marketing interests
you in the least!

Q: What if I’m totally happy with my current business…
is there something in this training for me?

A: Of course! Even if you decide to go a different
route totally away from info-marketing, the systems
I’ll reveal about defining your market, creating offers,
connecting with customers – ALL of it is 100% relevant
to ANY business! Again, this is practical, proven stuff!

And don’t be too fast in presuming info-marketing isn’t
right for you… even if you’re not interested in becoming
a “GURU”, there’s tremendous positioning power in providing
quality “info widgets” to your prospects/customers in the
form of reports, videos, books, etc. These set you apart
from your competition as a trusted expert in your field.

So there’s real value here for you, regardless of what
business you’re in.

Thanks Dave for taking the time to go into a bit
more detail!

Again, don’t miss out – he’s only doing this LIVE training
ONE TIME and if you want a chance to watch and get all
your other questions answered, you need to join us there!


Just 24 hours to go – see you there!

P.S., Dave asked me to make sure that When you show up,
you come prepared with plenty of questions and you’re
ready to take LOTs of notes!

He’ll have to move like crazy to get through everything
in just four hours… you’ll be writing fast and furious
I promise!

Don’t miss this – what Dave will be sharing is the
exact info that transformed his life and the lives
of countless others. I know it can do likewise
for you.